The Greatest Invention Since the Wheel

SHOTSTICKS® are a great addition to any beach house, ski chalet, Dorm room, Fraternity or Sorority, bar, tailgate....  actually Shotsticks® are a great addition anywhere people gather to have a good time!!

Choose your preference.  The SHOTSTICK® comes with interchangeable shot glasses and beer glasses.   Just a quick twist and they are securely attached.

Grab two of your closest friends, hell, grab two strangers and make them your closest friends and let the fun begin!!  Already mastered the single SHOTSTICK®?  We’ve got you covered.  Attach our simple connector, add another SHOTSTICK® and the party keeps on growing. 

Our current record stands at 225 people doing shots and 30 people chugging beer.  Go ahead, see if you can beat it.  Send us some photos and we’ll hook you up with some free merchandise.

If it's 3 friends, 6 buddies, 9 comrades, 12 random strangers.. it does't matter Because with SHOTSTICKs® everyone can join the fun.